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Changers Masterpost

Changers is a collection of stories that follow a group of people who have not only lost their memories but are forced to switch sexes and age forwards and backwards every so often. This concept is explained some in "Pardon Me, Sir. Do You Have The Time?".

Go here for more information about Changers such as understanding the use of gender neutral pronouns.

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Change of Heart Masterpost for RaT

I decided to go ahead and make this post for myself and anyone who wants to follow my Change of Heart stories that are posted on runaway_tales.

Change Of Heart is the title of my novel series that I'm working on. :) I've been writing stories of my characters from the prompts given to me from the community to help me further understand my characters and get in the habit of writing them. I've listed these stories in chronological order of when they would happen as if they had taken place in the novels themselves (even though these stories are just spinoffs). There's a non-canon list towards the end with minor to complete AUs with the characters.

Note: I'm very particular about spoilers. So if there's an off chance that I write a story that contains spoilers, I will mark it. :)

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Seeing Red {{ PG-13, Original }}

Title: Seeing Red
Genre: Horror, Angst
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 1,883
Warnings: Blood
Fandom: Original
Characters: Zariah, Kassidy, Quota
Summary: The worst thing about the losing control was not the rage but the agony once you regain consciousness.
Author's Note: Some random, violent wordvomit that I started last night and finished this morning. XD I kind of wish to write more with these characters, but we'll see. Maybe. Maybe not. Either way, he's a little, bloody oneshot. (:


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